WELCOME TO TEAM 90210!  We are so excited you decide to join our team and look forward to helping you build an exciting business by sharing amazing products on social media and ‘offline’ as well!  ❤️ ❤️ 

We have found the fastest, easiest way to help you launch your business is by helping you get your first post up on the whitening toothpaste as soon as possible!  We recommend within 24-48 hours of signing up during key ‘posting times’.  You will find this post under the "TOOTHPASTE POST" page.

On this website www.Team90210Training.com you will have access to all the info you need to successfully launch your business. 

  • Initial Toothpaste Post (Within 24-48 hours)
  • Last Call Post (Next day)
  • Product is in/Delivery Post (something fun when toothpaste arrives)
  • OMG Post (references your success or business launch)
  • Referral Post (ongoing - ideally 3-10+/week)
  • Recruiting Post - keep in mind your OMG! post is also a recruiting post and your 'brand' will help you recruit more than anything... people seeing you enjoying building your business
  • Congratulatory & Welcome Posts (throughout the month as you grow your team)

After your first week, you will be added to our 2 ‘secret’ training groups.  Make sure you turn your Notifications on for all our FB groups so you are updated in real time anytime we are LIVE:

✅1.  “Nu Social Daily Tips” - We offer a live training daily at 12:30 EST for 10-15 min max to help you with building your social business.  If you can’t watch it live, watch anytime throughout the day!  

✅ 2 “Team 90210 Training” - This is where Laura does special trainings for just Team 90210.  

Looking forward to working with you to achieve your goals!  Let your upline know what is at the top of your list motivating you to do this as a business?  Feel free to share any of your goals so we can help you with a plan to achieve them!

Go TEAM 90210!

Laura, Ian & Tori