As a Nu Skin Brand Affiliate you are entitled to set up your "MY SITE" for FREE.  MY SITE offers you the opportunity to highlight 20 of your favorite products on a static website.  You will receive retail commissions daily on any sales that take place on this website. 

1.  login at

2. click the little person icon top right

3.  click MY SITE

4.  Start SET UP by adding your name, phone, email and choosing your SITE NAME.  We recommend using your name or something that identifies you or your brand. Your website address will become  You can always buy a domain name and forward to this address.

5.  From here you can customize 

  • Top Banner - choose from 6 options
  • Featured Products (choose default or pick your top 20... PowerLips counts as one, Beauty boxes count as one, so 20 is a lot... pick your 20 best sellers or products you want to highlight.  Check mine out at for ideas)
  • Bundles - it does force you to pick a bundle... pick any products you like to sell together (ie toothpaste and tanner or mascara and lip plumping balm etc), but it doesn't discount them
  • About your site - lets you customize a welcome message and message after they make a purchase
  • Logo and Profile Photo - further brand your MY SITE with your logo and photo
  • Contact Info - add your contact info so your customers can get in touch with you
  • Social Networks  - add your platforms


Another cool option Nu Skin offers us is to send an offer link directly to our customers via the MY STORE APP.  

1.  Download 'Nu Skin My Store' in the App Store

2. Login with your nuskin username and password

3. Personalize with your image

4. Click NEW OFFER to send a new offer to a potential customer

5. Name your offer - If you want to use the same link over and over again you can check GROUP OFFER, but you do lose some very cool tracking features vs when you make each offer unique.  If you make a specific offer for a specific person, you will be able to track their conversions in real time.  

6. Choose the products your customer wants or you want to present to them

7.  You can decide to offer your customers a 5-20% discount (some products don't allow or offer a minimum discount)

8.  Personalize your welcome and confirmation messages for your customer

9.  It will create a unique link for you to send to your customer however you'd like to send it (text, email, messenger etc)

10.  Check back to track your conversions.  


MY SITE is amazing for when people ask you if you have a website and MY STORE is amazing when a customer knows what they want and you don't have it in stock and/or don't want to order and then re-ship and/or time is of the essence.  However, I would caution you not to make your default sending customers directly to your website or sending MY STORE links to purchase because people get distracted and you often lose the sale.  

So many of our brand affiliates are  finding more success by working with the customer to get the order and then having them pay you directly and you either order their products on your next bulk order, or login at and order their products on your credit card.    You pay wholesale pricing, ship directly to THEM and choose to send a 'gift receipt'.  In this case, they already paid you retail, so you keep the difference between retail and wholesale as your retail profit.  A little confusing, but it works!  Get with your upline if you need more clarification.

How to Create CUSTOM URL

1.  Go to Go Daddy and purchase domain name of choice

2.  Choose Domain Forwarding to your Nu Skin MY SITE