The Power of Referral Posts

REFERRAL POSTS are an amazing way to help you with sales and also recruiting.  As a distributor there are only so many times you can post about your toothpaste in a period of time on your wall (depending on how large your audience is and how much you are growing it on a weekly basis)… but there is NO END to how many referral posts you can do.  In fact, your goal should be to have 5-10 referral posts go up a week!  Some will be insane and others will be duds.   You can become an executive strictly focusing on referral posts for your first 30 days! Obviously you will also want to recruit the friends with posts that do really well.  ("OMG you should totally do this as a business with me.  Your post is blowing up.  You are clearly an influencer and all these people could wind up re-ordering and possibly do a referral post for you!”)  Invite them to watch our short business overview or beauty business interview. 

You can also recruit your friend's friends who like, comment or buy and ask then if they would like to earn a free tube (or second tube) of toothpaste by posting for you.  If you notice they have a lot of friends, recruit them to take a look at our business.  ("I see you have a lot friends on FB, would you like to learn how to make amazing money on social media?")  

Track how many people you ask to do a referral post every day and how many you have go up daily.  Know your weekly and monthly totals to help you with setting activity goals and increasing your numbers month over month.  If you don’t know your numbers, you can’t measure your growth.

Reaching out to people who liked, commented or bought from your toothpaste post:

You: Thanks for liking (supporting) my post on the whitening toothpaste.  You can probably tell I’m pretty excited about it.  Let me know if you want any more info on it or would you like to learn how to get it for FREE?  (if they already bought, wait till you are sending them the toothpaste and email them to let them know it’s on the way and ask them if they’d like to learn how to earn a 2nd tube for free...) 

Them: If “how do I get for free?"

You: All you have to do is copy and paste a post I send you, just like the one you saw on my wall ,only it says you learned about it from me, and you tag me. I’ll reply to all their questions and if 3 people buy one yours is free.  Worst case I'll give you another one for half off for trying.  And if the post does great (‘blows up’), which most do, you’ll get an additional beauty product as a gift for every (10 or 15) sales after that.  Would you like to give it a try?

Once you have a friend ready to do the post:

If you have a friend doing a referral post for you, make sure they tag you in it when they write your name and let you know as soon as they post. Make sure to let them know the best times to post (Sunday-Thursay night around dinner time or slightly less effective Friday/Saturday around 3 ish.) They should also tweak the first sentence to ‘sound like them’ and post 2 B&A photos you send them - see authorized photos in "Social Post Examples for Team 90210". 


Thanks again for doing the whitening toothpaste post for me.  Please remember to text me as soon as you post and tag me in the post.  Best times to post are around dinner time Sunday through Thursday.  Which day do you want to post so I make sure I'm available to comment?  Please tweak intro to make it sound like ‘you’.  

Hey friends!  I learned about this whitening toothpaste from my friend (Name and TAG) on Facebook.  I was so blown away by the results I saw I had to try it!  😄😄 I mean who doesn't want whiter teeth?! 🙋🏻Check out these amazing results🎉🎉

👉🏻no peroxide or bleach🚫
👉🏻no sensitivity 🚫
👉🏻tastes GREAT!!😋
👉🏻Removes Stains☕️🍷🚬
👉🏻Restores Whiteness 😬
👉🏻safe for kids age 2+
👉🏻Amazing Results in 10-14 days! 🙌🏻

Add your name to comments below 👇if you want to try it or want more info.  My friend (NAME) will get back to you right away.  Take the whitening challenge with me!  😁


You will want to send all of the people who comment a friend request.  This way if they accept your friendship, your message will wind up in their inbox and not in their filtered mail.  If you find people are not responding to your message, go back to their comment and tell the to check their filtered mail.  You can also ask the host to follow up and hopefully they will be incentivized to do based on the extra free gifts they can earn!


I think it’s a great idea to incentivize them based on sales, so they are more likely to ‘engage’ in the post.  You may have said to them ‘all you have to do is post and I’ll do the rest’, but it does help when they add some fun comments to their friends.  You can offer 1 free tube after 3 sell and then another ‘beauty gift’ for every 10 or 15 sales after that (up to you).  It’s basically like you are sharing about 20% of the profits with them.  Plus they might even do a follow up referral post on one of your gifts (i.e. mascara or lip plumping balm or gloss).  


Referral Posts are super valuable for several reasons:

  • new sales = commissions + volume
  • You will hopefully recruit anyone who has a successful post into the business
  • You will expand your audience by friending your friends' friends who comment
  • You can reach out to these new friends to see if they would like to post for a free tube and of course recruit the influencers!