Now that you've figured out how many tubes of toothpaste you sold from your initial post and last call post, it's time to place your first order!  Keep in mind you get FREE SHIPPING at $49, so you'll want your first order be at least 7 tubes of toothpaste.   Nu Skin also offers a really great package where you get 16 tubes of toothpaste plus a FREE gift.  It's currently Body Butter, but will be moving to InstaGlow shortly.  Item #01010735.   Your goal should be to order one of these packages and considering re-investing your first $99 of profit into our Top Beauty Picks Box #01010692.  You will receive 6 of our top social selling products so you can be ready for your next products to promote!  Do this, and help 3 others do the same and you are your way to starting Brand Rep qualification!   Consider ordering extra if you can, because you are guaranteed to get more orders the second you place your order!🎊😜

  1.  Go to and login with your username and password.
  2.  Type in AP24 Whitening Toothpaste in Search Bar or use item #.
  3.   Quantity - Choose amount (price is $9.75 and PSV is 8) 
  4. Provide your shipping and billing info and submit your order. 

Consider trying new products

I always encourage new distributors to try as many of our other products as possible.  The next top social selling products are the Curl and Lash Mascara and Lip Plumping Balm.  Consider investing some of your profits into testing new products. It will also help with your own posting if you use photos with you and the products.  Also, each time you place an order think about which 'daily use products' you are running low on (shampoo, body moisturizers, shave products, face creams, makeup, supplements...) If it goes "on" or "in" your body, chances are Nu Skin sells it.  You might as well support your own business, rather than your competition's! 

Beauty Box = Great Value!

One of the most popular purchases for new distributors is one of our 4 Beauty Boxes (Top Beauty Picks Box, Beauty Rescue Box, Body Makeover Box or Age Defying Box).  All offer amazing savings at only $99 and you get between $150-$170 in products!  Best way to learn about our products is by using them!  

ADR = Automatic Delivery Rewards

At some point, once you discover the amazing value of our products, you may choose to go on ADR (automatic delivery rewards)  There are many reasons why people love ADR:

  • You earn FREE PRODUCT - 20% of what you spend goes towards earning points that you can turn into free product after being on ADR for 2 months. After a year it jumps to 30%!  Imagine if you buy $200 worth of products a month to use or sell, that would be about $40 worth of free products you would earn every month!  Turn that into 5 tubes of toothpaste and that is now $100 free profit for you!  OMG!
  • SAVINGS - there are many special ADR packages that offer incredible savings... especially with all the supplements and skin care products.
  • It's flexible - Going on ADR doesn't lock you into anything.  You can change, cancel or pause at any time.  5 days before they ship the product you will get an email letting you know your product is going to ship.  At that point you can change what's on your  ADR or cancel or pause it!  Super flexible and great value to you!