"PRODUCT IS IN Post" is another opportunity to remind your friends about our amazing whitening toothpaste.  Very often people miss your initial post, or see it at at time they can't comment and then this acts as a friendly reminder.  It's also a reason why you will want to order extra toothpaste to have some on hand.  You  can make this image of you heading to the Post Office or a pile of packages ready to mail or you holding the box of toothpaste.  If you decide to do a fun photo with the toothpaste, remember to do your best not to showcase the words AP24, so people don't try to bypass you.  



"OMG! Post" is a great way to let your audience know your new social business (AKA toothpaste business) is blowing up and worth paying attention to.  Think about how much money you earned from your recent posts and try to equate it to something tangible you can buy or do with this profit.  For example: pay your electric bill, or car bill, take your kids on little trip, pay for ballet or soccer lessons, contribute to your family bills... Again, this post MUST be authentic to YOU!



Recruiting posts are a great way to let your friends know 'they can do what you are doing'.  

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"Congratulatory Posts" are an amazing way to help your team and yourself!  First, it's so nice to recognize people's efforts and accomplishments.  Most rarely receive recognition in their day to day life, so these posts really stand out.  They also create engagement for your distributor as their friends reach out to congratulate them.  Remember, people are paying attention and often watching from the sidelines.  These posts often bring people out of the woodwork!   You will want to post it in their timeline, but also tag yourself so it appears on your timeline too. It serves as a double recruiting message for them and YOU!



"LIFESTYLE POSTS" are ALL ABOUT YOU.  Remember that you want a solid 80% of your posts to be about YOU... your life, kids, family milestones, travel, possibly motivational & positive thoughts (recommended to stay away from polarizing posts if you want to grow your audience) and only 20% should be on products or direct recruiting posts.  Think of it this way, if you send out a friend request and they come to your page to 'check you out', what will they see?  If they only see 'teeth' on your page, it's going to say "sales person alert - stay away!" Your lifestyle posts should let a potential friend know, this is a person I'm interested in getting to know better.  



Subtle recruiting posts are not direct recruiting posts (i.e. 'looking for 5 motivated people to train') but rather give people a glimpse into your life with Nu Skin.  Some examples might be:

  • you sitting at the beach on your cell phone 'doing your social business' 
  • posting that you are super excited to meet your team out in Utah as you are in the airport
  • post relative to Maroon 5 at our LIVE event 
  • post about our incentive travel to South Africa - OMG I can't believe I can help my friends earn a free trip to South Africa